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    Mexican cuisine is among the most popular types of cuisine in the United States. The reason for this lies in its expert mix of spices, meats, and vegetables that have been handed down from the old country through generations of Mexican-Americans.
    When it comes to Mexican food, few examples are more widely enjoyed than tacos. It’s great for any social event, and you’ll often see them ordered by the dozen to satisfy guests at a party. The choices of toppings are almost limitless.
    But we are more than just a taco restaurant. Whether it’s chicken, pork, beef or seafood; tacos or burritos; local or imported Mexican beer, we at Pueblo Nuevo guarantee that you’ll have a great meal served by our friendly staff each time you visit.
    Our cantina aims to provide our guests with the freshest, tastiest ingredients of our indigenous culture. No matter what you order on our menu, we promise to infuse each dish with originality and flavor.
    For over 34 years, we have been serving the Hazelwood, MO community with authentic Mexican food. We use the same flavoring and tastes our mothers used in their recipes. That's what makes us so authentic.

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Taco Tuesday

1 meat taco w/ rice, beans,
or 2 Potato/Bean tacos with rice, beans

Thirsty Thursday
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HAPPY_HOUR_MARG_SPECIAL Coupon - $5 off when you spend $35 or more. Mention offer code PUEBLO to redeem this offer.
Full Bar

When you are looking for a new place to have fun while enjoying savory dishes with family and friends in Hazelwood, MO, you should make sure that you find excellent full bar service. This will guarantee that they have your favorite drinks and live music to complement your meals so you can enjoy your night to its fullest potential.

At Pueblo Nuevo Mexican Restaurant & Cantina , not only do we have friendly service, we have delicious Mexican food! Many customers love coming back to our cantina because we have great specials on food and drinks. We even have a dedicated taco bar! You can enjoy a cold brew as you indulge on our gourmet posole and chilaquiles.

When you visit us, your experience of an authentic Mexican restaurant will be incomparable. Come check out how much fun our full bar is at Pueblo Nuevo Mexican Restaurant & Cantina . Bring your friends and family to enjoy the best bar for some delicious tastes in Hazelwood, MO.

Mexican food
Mexican Food

If you are tired of going to the same local Mexican restaurant, try the delicious authentic Mexican food here at Pueblo Nuevo Mexican Restaurant & Cantina . Our Cantina makes the best posole and burritos in town that will have you coming back for more every week!

The choices for your burrito are almost limitless. We serve our burritos with rice, beans lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and sour cream. Whether you’re craving for pork, beef, chicken or seafood, Pueblo Nuevo Mexican Restaurant & Cantina guarantees greatness in every bite. Our restaurant guarantees only the freshest ingredients and your meals cooked to perfection, all served by our friendly staff. We are a traditional Mexican food restaurant that only uses the freshest ingredients. Enjoy a burrito today while our friendly staff serves you.

If you find yourself craving for some great burritos, come dine at Pueblo Nuevo Mexican Restaurant & Cantina or you can also enjoy our take out service. We are the most authentic and delicious Mexican restaurant in Hazelwood, MO!


If you are craving for a scrumptious and authentic Mexican cuisine, Pueblo Nuevo Mexican Restaurant & Cantina is the place to be! We’re proud to run the finest Mexican restaurant in Hazelwood, MO! Pueblo Nuevo Mexican Restaurant & Cantina ’s mission is to bring our home kitchen to the community of Hazelwood, which is why we offer delicious quesadillas and chilaquiles to our customers.

You can order our chilaquiles or our quesadillas. With Pueblo Nuevo Mexican Restaurant & Cantina , you don’t only have a great place to eat at, but you also have a loving and caring environment. Your friends and family will fall in love with our quesadilla and our delicious burritos!

If you don’t have time to enjoy your quesadilla at Pueblo Nuevo Mexican Restaurant & Cantina , you can always take advantage of our quick Mexican take out services. Our authentic Mexican restaurant assures you that all of our dishes are made of fresh and delicious ingredients for you to enjoy. Visit Pueblo Nuevo Mexican Restaurant & Cantina in Hazelwood, MO, and enjoy our Mexican delights!

Guest Artists

Artist Music Time Date
Elizabeth Ramos Rocky Salinas Violin and Guitar 6pm-9pm 8/3/19
Manual Ramos, Rojelio Salinas Violin 6pm-9pm 8/17/19
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